EQT Young Playwrights Festival

OCTOBER 16 – OCTOBER 27, 2018

City Theatre’s EQT Young Playwrights Festival stages professional productions of six winning, one-act plays chosen from nearly 400 Young Playwrights Contest submissions.

Open to the public

Saturday, October 20
1:00 PM      Middle School Performance
6:00 PM     High School Performance

Sunday, October 21
1:00 PM      High School Performance
6:00 PM     Middle School Performance

Open to student groups only; not to the public

October 16, 18, 23 & 25 @ 10:00 AM
10:00 AM    Middle School Performances

October 17, 19, 24 & 26 @ 10:00 AM
10:00 AM    High School Performances


Middle School Division:


by Maeren Quirke
Ingomar Middle School

Jessie and Esperenza have been best friends since grade school: navigating adolescence together and learning about change. But now, years after tragedy strikes their middle school, Jessie must learn to move on without forgetting the past. Told through the eyes of an older Jessie, her heartbreaking reminiscence helps define the power of faith and love while allowing her memories to live on.


by Shelley Demus
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12

Red is hurt when her hardworking mother needs to skip a family outing for work—again.  So, in a modern, urban retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, Red breaks the rules and explores the big city with her best friend Tyrone and a quirky new stranger, Wolfy. Their initial escapades are all adventure and rebellious fun, but Red soon learns the truth about her mother and what it really means to grow up.


by Adam Arena & Maddox O’Neill
Sharpsville Middle School

A school project researching family history might sound boring, but for Parker, it’s the perfect chance to test his crazy theories and groundbreaking invention. Joined by his best friend Fred, the duo decides to research Fred’s great grandfather: Olympic medalist Jesse Owens. The two partners embark on a hilarious sci-fi adventure of time travel and friendship, but can they ever return to the present?

High School Division:


by Henry Wahlenmayer
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

When free spirit Dan passes away, his three high school friends return to their hometown for his funeral. After years apart, the trio remembers the past differently and they struggle to draw the line between nostalgic memories and high school’s humbling realities. As they look through a box of mementos Dan left behind, they rekindle the true friendships they’ve forgotten, while discovering their memories are not as perfect as they thought.


by Emma Hodil
Hampton High School

Twin siblings Willow and Marcus live in a quaint Wisconsin town equipped with cozy taverns, mid-Western charm…and supernatural creatures. When Willow’s supportive, caring, and blood-sucking friend Aveline accidently gives her a cursed necklace, the three teens need to work together to lift the spell. Through daring, dangerous, and charmingly campy trials, Willow ultimately finds that self-confidence is the hardest magic to wield.


by Alison Harvill
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12

It is Alyssa’s eighteenth birthday, and as she is beginning to formulate college plans, her aunt Emma gives her a surprise: letters from Alyssa’s deceased mother. As a soldier, her mother wrote the letters in case anything happened to her, and Alyssa finally feels her mother’s presence after years apart. The letters begin to complicate Alyssa’s plans as she struggles to decide what path to take: should she follow her mother’s footsteps and enlist, or heed her aunt’s worries and take the safer, traditional college route?

Honorable Mention Public Reading
Saturday, October 27


by Ellen Poplavska
North Allegheny Senior High School


by Mackenzie Miller
Ringgold High School


by Polina Soldatova
Lakeview High School


by Amelia Staresinic
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12

Ticket Pricing

Public Performances

Choose from Middle School or High School program; each includes three one-act plays.

$15.00 for adults
$10.00 for students

Tickets are on sale now.  For more information, please call the box office at 412-431- CITY (2489).

Field Trips & Other Information

For student matinee tickets and more information about the Young Playwrights Festival, contact Kristen Link, Director of Education and Accessibility, by email or by calling 412.431.4400 x225.